Action Consensus

On June 6th 2020, we will take to the streets in a public demonstration, considering the necessary precautions to protect others and ourselves. We will go out because there are millions of people who have never stopped going out, with enormous personal and family risks, and we will not let these people be put back behind a curtain of disdain and devaluation, in the midst of an economic and social crisis, alongside the climate crisis.

This is a public demonstration and everyone who is neither in a risk group of COVID-19 nor under vigiliance is welcome to join us.

The political alignment, our behavior and organization will follow the demonstration manifesto. The demonstration‘s path and form will be decided based on the current situation of public health, and the social and economic crises.

Our action will convey an image of security, combativeness and creativity.

We will take the necessary measures to ensure safe conditions for everyone by building a Well-being Team and bearing in mind the pecautions needed before, during and after the demonstration. We will follow the public health recommendations, complying with the physical distance of 2 meters, as well as provide masks and hand sanitizer. To ease this process we ask you to follow the usual precautions that you already have in your daily life, and to bring a mask, hand sanitizer and a placard with messages you want to spread.

We will not stand by and watch history, we will create our own history.

Note: in order to ensure that people respect the 2 meters distance we will use banners and a rope structure as in.


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